Li-Ion Battery Cathode – NCA coated Al foil two-sided coating


SKU : BB041

√ MSDS √ Specification UN 38.3 Thickness Electrode sheet is based on Aluminum foil coated by lithium-nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA) in double side for Li-ion battery cathode

• Current collector : Aluminum foil (18 microns)
• Cathode material : lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide
• Double side active material density: 390 g/m2
• Active Material weight 59.1 g (95.20% weight proportion in powder
• Specific Capacity: 180 mAh/g
• Average Cycle Life: >200cycle@1C Charging/Discharging rate
• Length: 662mm
• Width: 250mm
• Total thickness: 140um +/- 5um
• Foil thickness: 18um +/- 2um
• Coating thickness: 122um +/- 5um
• Double sided coating

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