T7. Crush Test (การทดสอบแรงบีบอัด)


SKU : BB026

Standard : UN 38.3 Purpose: These tests simulate mechanical abuse from an impact or crush that may result in an internal short circuit.

Test procedure
  A cell or component cell is to be crushed between two flat surfaces. The crushing
is to be gradual with a speed of approximately 1.5 cm/s at the first point of contact. The crushing is to be continued until the first of the three options below is reached.
  (a) The applied force reaches 13 kN ± 0.78 kN
  (b) The voltage of the cell drops by at least 100 m V; or
  (c) The cell is deformed by 50% or more of its original thickness.

   Once the maximum pressure has been obtained, the voltage drops by 100 m V or more, or the cell is deformed by at least 50% of its original thickness, the pressure shall be released.

   Each test cell or component cell is to be subjected to one crush only. The test sample shall be observed for a further 6 h. The test shall be conducted using test cells or component cells that have not previously been subjected to other tests.

   Cells and batteries meet this requirement if their external temperature does not exceed 170 oC and there is no disassembly, no rupture and no fire during the test and within six hours after the test.

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