T5 External Short Circuit Test (การทดสอบการลัดวงจรภายนอก)


SKU : BB024

Standard : UN 38.3 Purpose: This test simulates an external short circuit.

Test procedure
   The cell or battery to be tested shall be heated for a period of time necessary to reach a homogeneous stabilized temperature of 57 ± 4 oC, measured on the external case. This period of time depends on the size and design of the cell or battery and should be assessed and documented. If this assessment is not feasible, the exposure time shall be at least 6 hours for small cells and small batteries, and 12 hours for large cells and large batteries. Then the cell or battery at 57 ± 4 oC shall be subjected to one short circuit condition with a total external resistance of less than 0.1 ohm.

   Cells and batteries meet this requirement if their external temperature does not
exceed 170 oC and there is no disassembly, no rupture and no fire during the test and within six hours after the test.

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