T3. Vibration Test (การทดสอบภายใต้แรงสั่นสะเทือน เพื่อการขนส่ง)


SKU : BB018

Standard : UN 38.3 Purpose: This test simulates vibration during transport.

Test procedure
   Cells and batteries are firmly secured to the platform of the vibration machine without distorting the cells in such a manner as to faithfully transmit the vibration. The vibration shall be a sinusoidal waveform with a logarithmic sweep between 7 Hz and 200 Hz and back to 7 Hz traversed in 15 minutes. This cycle shall be repeated 12 times for a total of 3 hours for each of three mutually perpendicular mounting positions of the cell. One of the directions of vibration must be perpendicular to the terminal face.

   Cells and batteries meet this requirement if there is no leakage, no venting, no disassembly, no rupture and no fire during the test and after the test and if the open circuit voltage of each test cell or battery directly after testing in its third perpendicular mounting position is not less than 90% of its voltage immediately prior to this procedure. The requirement relating to voltage is not applicable to test cells and batteries at fully discharged states.

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