T1: Altitude Simulation Test (การทดสอบภายใต้ความดันต่ำ เพื่อการขนส่งทางอากาศยาน)


SKU : BB016

Standard : UN 38.3 Purpose : This test simulates air transport under low-pressure conditions.

Test procedure
   Test cells and batteries shall be stored at a pressure of 11.6 kPa or less for at least
six hours at ambient temperature (20 ± 5°C).

   Cells and batteries meet this requirement if there is no leakage, no venting, no disassembly, no rupture and no fire and if the open circuit voltage of each test cell or battery after testing is not less than 90% of its voltage immediately prior to this procedure. The requirement relating to voltage is not applicable to test cells and batteries at fully discharged states.

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