N-Butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide


SKU : BB009

√ MSDS √ Specification CAS number: 223437-11-4 Synonym PYR14TFSI, C4-PYTFSI Empirical formula C11H20F6N2O4S2 Molecular weight 422.41 gmol-1 NMR grade Package size 50 g


Application  Solvent for organic   synthesis, Electrolytes for   batteries, Catalysts
Form  Viscous liquid
Conductivity  0.91 mScm-2
ESW  -2.0 to +2.1 (4.1 V)
Density  1.38 gcm-3
Solubility  Water (Insoluble)


All-solid state supercapacitors operating at 3.5 V by using ionic liquid based polymer electrolytes. 

Tiruye, G.A., Mu~noz-Torrero, D., Palma, J., Anderson, M., and Marcilla, R., J. Power Sources, 2015, 279, 472-480..

Development of safe, green and high performance ionic liquids-based batteries (ILLIBATT project). 

Balducc, A., Jeong, S. S., Kim, G.T., Passerini,S., Wintera, M., Schmuck, M., Appetecchi, G.B., Marcilla, R., Mecerreyes , D.,Barsukov, V., Khomenko, V.,Cantero, I., Meatza, I. D., Holzapfel, M., and Tran, N., 2011. 196, 9719– 9730.

Highly Homogeneous Sodium Superoxide Growth in Na−O2 Batteries Enabled by a Hybrid Electrolyte. 

Ortiz-Vitoriano, N., Monterrubio, I., Garcia-Quintana, L., del Amo, J. M. L., Chen, F., Rojo, T., Howlett, P. C., Forsyth, M. and  Pozo-Gonzalo, C., ACS Energy Lett., 2020. 5,.903-909.

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